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Monday, 12 January 2009


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Tony Blews

It took me long enough to fix it so that people could choose their own colour, so a colour by rank system won't be happening.
You can change the colour on the "manage site" page.
If you really want to not show your rank, I can add the as an option, but I can't see why anyone would want it.

As of last night it no longer tracks your own hits on your pages, if you are still logged in.

If you look at 6 (for example) pages on a site it counts 6 hits, as each is a page view.

The all time page views count will be vanishing soon, as soon as I've made sure that it only counts the last seven days worth of hits (as otherwise the database will grow and grow and grow.

Any further developments will probably be listed here:


...unfortunatly, you need (I think) to embed a little HTML script into the website in question, so you can't sign up anyone else.

(I know, I've tried!)

Martin Clark

You seem not to have noticed someone else jumping in as well, who will probably remove your blushes before Jim Shead does!


Yeah, it's the ranking bit that's fun. Much more exciting than the bald figures.


Andrew, "one" will always be at the top!

Seriously, though, if one can be serious about what's only a bit of fun, the whole point of a ranking system is that it tells one how high or low one is. It ranks one, in other words. Or are you suggesting a hit counter which is the same for everyone?


Nothing to stop anyone else signing it up is there? All you need is the url...

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