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Wednesday, 21 January 2009


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Tony Blews

Sam, its not causing ill feeling.


If the fact we are a forum (which is a memberhiped based system, hence the guests having to log in) is causing ill feeling I will remove the ranking from the website.

I added it in support of the new scheme and pay no bearing to the actual numbers due to the way the system is run - I have my own stat systems and other online ranking systems to tell me how well JC is doing.

Tony Blews

After talking with John Barratt of the Boats and Canals forums (Not Laurie Booth), I've taken their listing off. 1255 hits from the same ip address to the same URL within 12 hours smacked of cheating. John denies all knowledge of using the counter and asked me to remove it.

Andrew Denny

Maffi: Well, it's just a bit of fun, after all. But some people who stayed out of the other site have signed up for this one, so it has brought one or two surprises.

I think 'folly' is a bit strong a word, though - that takes it too seriously :-)


Obviously the ranking sites work differently. Even though there are other sites at hitunlimited the uk sites should all be in similar relative positions to each other. As this is not the case it it would be mere folly to place any stead in any of them.

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