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Sunday, 07 December 2008


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peter mccormick

Can a british waterways short term licence be used on the upper thames

Ken Johnson

Are MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT exempt from EA charges?they may live on a boat as their second home and claim expenses!!
I had the idea of bringing a 7 m cruiser from Liverpool for a few months/year on the Thames but all the regulations seem to be a
bit much.Any good cheap, safe moorings?Liverpool marina will be £1200 so someone tempt me "moonshadow" Skibsplast 700d
Ken Johnson Liverpool SC /YC

Ray Oakhill

I am in a similar position. I have had a Gold Licence for the last 2 years, but am not making the most of it as I go on the canal system for a maximum of about 10 weeks in the year.

My boat is on the River Wey, so an annual Thames licence is fairly essential, but I cannot find out how much a short term BW visitors licence will be.

Has anyone any ideas where to get tghis info?
Ray Oakhill

would like a Thames annual licence, but cannot find out how much a BW licence is for a short period


The prices are on the downloadable application form, aren't they? It's only length x beam, and as Sarah says the lockkeeper has to do the sums anyway. It's actually pretty fair considering the numbers of short fat boats around, (although the owners of short fat boats complain about narrowboats as they 'take up all the mooring' - not mine, of course).

Oh, and the name heights are irrelevant - when on a temporary Thames licence, the code number on the bit of paper is your 'name' on the Thames - it would only apply if you had a permanent Thames license, and presumably a unique name (which you probably do, at least).

The Thames is lovely.


I think the EA are doing a special offer at the moment, something like £10 for 3 days any size boat.


Or whatever you want, just turn up and buy it from a lockkeeper. Then they do all the silly calculations for you.

Neil Corbett

Just roll up at Teddington lock and they'll sell you a one day licence which is plenty of time to reach the Wey, as you actually get the rest of the first day free and the "one day" covers the next full day.

It cost us about £25 as far as I recall, so you'll be a bit more, being longer than us.

The lock into the Wey closes at 6pm, but if you arrive after that there is a good safe mooring just below it where you can wait till they open next day.

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