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Friday, 07 November 2008


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Steve Parkin

We have always refered to our boat Albert as "she" since all boats are female.

It isn't a grandparents name, because she came 2nd hand and we don't like changing boat names. We also really like good old-fashioned simple names.

I think Albert would get upset if we called her "it"!

Paul Savage

I would hope that one tank isn't full when he sells the boat, in fact one tank shoudl be empty and clean!!

Very true about naming boats after grandparents. Mine is called Adreva, and is named after my Grandmother Eva. It was always a dream of hers (as well as ours) that we would one day own a boat. Sadly she never lived to see and enjoy it with us.
Adreva stands for A DReam for EVA

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