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Thursday, 06 November 2008


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Kath Corbett

Do look out for the lovely bridge and gallery at Parndon Mill when you are at Harlow, well worth a visit.


The Green Dragon is very photogenic, but you can't get a beer there. Did you visit The Old Barge in Hertford? - cider too!
Also I recommend the Dusty Miller in Harlow (up the hill, Burnt Mill Lane, opposite the railway station). A 48hr. "stoppage" ensued there earlier this year after we discovered this boater's resort - a.k.a. the Rusty Tiller.

P.S. Was amused to discover Ware weir. (Where?)


I, too, recall a pronunciation from the past: "Harford", i.e. with a silent "t". I'm sure my parents pronounced it like that. I'll have to check if they still do.

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