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Wednesday, 05 November 2008


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Geoff Belson

If my neighbour's rubbish builds up and causes a nuisance to me, I report his landlord to the council. If the local garage sells its cars on the public road which means I cannot park in a space I pay for, then I report him to the council. If neither affect my life in any way I need not report him. This seems to be the case with these kind of 'reporting' sites. They exploit the ideal of 'I pay my taxes/licence/rates...etc.'. Rubbish. I have no more need o report my neighbour to the council for not affecting me personally than you do reporting someone who, for whatever reason, hasn't paid for a boat licence. Pat yourself on the back for being good and pying your way. When the neighbour rapes your family then you can report him.


My boat comes up as unlicensed. We sent the cheque off two weeks ago.

The BW help line has a recorded message saying don't phone unless we've had your money for three weeks


They've run out of Stasi informer medals to send out already, but I hear there's a new batch been ordered... ;-)

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