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Wednesday, 22 October 2008


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Sorry to hear your Mac experience was so painful. I feel you were the exception not the norm.
Owned and used Macs exclusively since 1987. We run our business with Macs since the start in 1990. 40 plus machines at any given time. No horror stories at all just upgrade expenses to newer machines and latest operating systems. Even carried a Mac on our narrowboat trip last summer worked great wherever we could hijack an internet connection. Maybe British and North American Macs are different??
120V verses 240V power supplies, who knows?


Andrew Denny

Oh, Nev, not you too!

I spent 18 miserable, unreliable, incompatible and frustrating months with a Mac, using OSX (Panther) - blue screens, spinning beachball of death, and finding it painfully unintuitive. I finally sold it for £200 (the price of the 3 year guarantee, one sixth of the original price) and it was a great relief to get my Dell Inspiron, which has spoiled me for three years with its gorgeous true HD screen resolution (1920x1200 on a 15.4" screen), and is unfortunately only just out of guarantee.

Don't tempt me to get started on that subject!

Clive Field

There really should be a modern day 'condolences' card for these events Andrew.

"Our thoughts are with you in these troubled times etc. etc."

Best Regards

Neville Wells


How about plugging in an external monitor and using the Fn key to get the display up - a temp solution but will enable you to keep us entertained,


PS I can recommend a Mac.......

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