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Tuesday, 07 October 2008


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Phil Lea

Hello Granny Buttons, May I say how much I enjoy reading your web site and your night shots are wonderous. I have a few pictures on my web page google PHIL LEA PHOTOGRAPHY and have a peek under waterways. I own a narrow boat Helleborus number 2 and she is stuck at Swallow Cruisers in Hockley,Lapworth having an engine refitted and a BSC. At work at the moment having a bit of a skive but will drop you a line, Cheers Phil

Rosie Robertson

'Why can't modern canalside buildings look so good?' - but they can! What first drew me to Granny's site was a photo you took, at night, of waterside structures in Manchester, was it? Part of the atmospheric scene you captured was a modern residential or office development, - lots of glass and muted lighting inside it. It looked very good! (Mind, I wondered at the time what it would look like in the cold light of day!)
About a year ago, the photo was.

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