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Friday, 12 September 2008


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Graham Phillips

Hopefully by now you have all managed to acquire the correct information with respect to the new licensing Conditions. If not, then if I may summarise. Licence Condition Schedule 5 point 4d now states that "you must not discharge anything into the waterway from the boat except unpolluted surface water that drains naturally or water from sinks, showers washing machines and dishwashers provided that only "Phosphate-Free" detergents are used on board the boat."

For more information please go to our website. If anybody receives official information from BW could they please let me know as I haven't received anything to date. Thanks
Graham - Tia

Swallow Chris

Bruce has got it right. I checked with BW yesterday and the use of the word "biodegradable" was apparently yet another error. The very helpful young lady who called me back did not elucidate, just told me it was a mistake.
Ecover products by the way did badly in the Which tests recently; you end up using more to do the same job as the cheapest LIDL washing up liquid!

Nic Chilton

You touched on a point "how green is green", whilst we should all be concerned how a product is made, its what happens after use that is really important for boaters - a conscience salving "eco" brand that's only as biodegradable as your "local" bog standard Hobson's isn't any better. People often think that if its "natural" its safe, but you can get whole lot of nasty stuff out of natural ingredients.

Additionally how are BW enforcing this "change" - is it a recommendation and they hope to change people through education, or will flouters be criminalised or have license renewals rejected? Mind you seeing how they are unable to find license evaders I doubt you'll get boaters hiding their uncool non-eco varieties in brown bags coming bag from the shops or whilst using.


Don't forget n.b. Tia
foe Ecover.

Roger TCB

The answer appears to be Ecover, whose products I've been using for years. Available in most supermarkets, including my local Waitrose in Thame


Just popping in to see what you are up too,intersting topics thanks reading your blog helps us for when we are ready to hit the water
Wendy x

Andrew Denny

Halfie, the information came from a BW press update. (Bother, now I can't rememberr where I put it!)

The link I gave is to where it should eventually be when the BW webmaster gets around to putting it up :-)

Bruce Napier

Regulation (EC) NO 648/2004 which came into effect in October 2005 requires all cleaning products sold for domestic purposes in the EU to pass an "ultimate biodegradability" test, so this whole issue is a red herring, seems to me.





Andrew, I followed your first link and got here:
(dated March 2008) where navigation rule 4(d) talks about discharge from sinks/showers. It doesn't say anything about biodegradability. Where did you find it?

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