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Wednesday, 03 September 2008


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I too have had a terrible time with these guys after a Webasted was fitted in my new boat. They basically told me to **** off.

Stewart MacLennan

I had similarly unhelpful experiences when looking to put air-con in our new wide-beam, though did not get the dumbfounding advice you did on what to do when I got home!
I understand that BK Marine might now no longer be a Webasto dealer.
Stewart MacLennan


No need to go for another make of boiler Andrew, after much research Webasto boilers are just fine provided they come from any of the other main dealers - apart from BK of course...


What a shame that a good product by Webasto can be seen in such a bad light by the actions of their UK agent!
From reading your comments I must assume that JK is the one on the left of your photo sitting in the pushchair!

diesel dave

Try Ed Shiers at Four Counties Marine Services, Staffordshire.

A brilliant sevice offered by a polite knowledgeable young man who actually cares about his customers and their boats.

A first class service, well done Ed.

Lesley K NB Caxton

Do have a look at the Hurricane marine heating boiler. After a lot of research, we have had one fitted to NB Caxton as it seems the most reliable. Calcutt Boats Ltd are the UK distributor for this Canadian product which IS designed for the marine environment rather than a lorry cab.

Best of luck

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