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Thursday, 28 August 2008


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Personally, I'd much prefer new bollards to be put in all the places where there is currently no-where to moor up to set a lock, like on one of the locks above Penkridge, the second lock up at Tyrley, one above Stone etc etc. Very troublesome for us lone boaters!


These bollards defy rational explanation. At the time of the DEFRA cuts to BW I signed petitions and wrote to my MP in protest. I now see I was wrong. BW are no longer fit to manage public money.

Max Sinclair

An example of someone from BW having no practical knowledge of working a narrow boat through a Lock and wasting much needed funds.Why don,t they ask an experienced IWA forum before launching this rubbish.


And though we (I) strap quite a lot to slow/stop the boat (it's a bugger to stop) I wouldn't have thought that was something BW would want to encourage. There was a long thread on Canalworld about these mystery bollards (also currently appearing on the Oxford) and I think there was a semi-official or authoritative response, but I can't remember what it was.

Andrew Denny

Thanks, but surely you are referring to strapping posts? These bollards are mostly in the wrong place anyway, and serve no useful purpose except to trip people up! :-)

Diesel Dave

The bollards are probably there for the benefit of those that still know and appreciate the art and skills of the old boatmen to aid the checking and control of an unpowered boat or a butty in a lock?

They were always in control of the boat they were in charge of, because their livelihood & their good name relied upon the safe arrival of their boat & cargo to their destination.

Andrew Denny

Iain, yes, Paul Balmer mentions those square ones too. I think square bollards are great for tying up to. But you don't need to tie up in a narrow lock, of course.

iain smith

There has been a lot of talk about the square wooden ones that have been appearing about the system as well.

Richard Fairhurst

They're part of BW's new "Customer Service Standard". I agree that they're, er, bollards.

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