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Wednesday, 20 August 2008


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Hi Andrew,
Now I'm all for this 'light-residential arms' idea. It seems to be part of the answer to the residential moorings problem.
Where do we go to push the idea?

Andrew Denny

I suspect truly mobile broadband will long be a problem. It is still rurally very patchy, and always slower, and you are limited to how close the mast is - and then to a single service provider. And expensive with bandwidth limitations.

And if you don't like, say, Orange or Three, then tough. Setting up a mast is a major and expensive initiative, whereas once you can get a good landline to a rural spot it's much cheaper and more flexible all around.

Any brand new line is likely to be fibre optic, allowing a very fast line that can be shared by several people/boats at once, at lower cost.

Andrew Smith

Actually these days, truly mobile broadband seems to be hitting the mainstream so the landline to provide the wifi hotspot wouldn't be strictly necessary...

iain smith

sounds ideal and the way to go obviously.The other type of marina must be a bit akin to living in a housing estate, and what i imagine most people who own a boat want to get away from.

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