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Friday, 25 July 2008


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What a pile of crap. The 'Conservative' thing to do would be to bulldoze the bridge into the cut, privatize BW and sell the land to property developers.


"Now remind me which party it was that started the mania for contracting out?"

I believe it was conceived in its present form by the Tories under Thatcher Andrew, like they did with school meals.



Never mind the Community getting involved. Why not get the yobs to remove it themselves by getting those sentenced by the courts to make a contribution to their communities as "Community Punishment" to clean it off! I call them "Community Service Volunteers". They volunteer to do the time by doing the crime.

Tony Blews

I thought you'd gone all soft on towpath bikers for a moment... until the final word of the (un-updated) post.


Beat me to it.

'Personally, I blame New Labour. Too many socialist politicians':
a non-sequitur if ever I saw one.

Richard Fairhurst

Andrew, you must be the only person left in the country who seriously thinks "New Labour" has anything to do with socialism...

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