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Saturday, 05 July 2008


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When are BW going to do something with these people. Just sailed down the grand union and the 'continious cruisers' who dont move have trebled. Find a bridge, find polecats and no moorings.

Wendy Smith

Not sure if my new email address works at the moment. I recently spent a day at the Plough, and visited the Staffordshire Regiment Army Musuem for Para and airborne troops just at top of the lane.

I have passed lots times but didn't realise this was the pub that my dad and lots of others drank at before going off to war in the WW2. Very nostalgic it was too!

Wendy on Charles The First.


Whoops. Had to move on in May because nowhere to moor


You have explained a lot Andrew. We tried to moor there in May. Very difficult to moor there in November. Worth it though. Thefood at the plough was excellent. Especially my steak. Very memorable.


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