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Friday, 06 June 2008


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John Williams

Spent about 3 memorable trips on "Viking Warrior" in the late 70's. One trip up the River Wey was a modern way of instructing some Wren Exam candidates.......they did well cooking the the sunday roast whilst the Instructors were supping G & T's on the Quarter Deck parked alongside a pub in Guilford.


have a couple of pictures of two of the recruitment narrowboats one being the sub.they were in sowerby bridge halifax.on the calder and hebble canal mid seventies

Dick Pryce-Jones

Hi, I'm Dick Pryce-Jones, the chap who picked up the task of sourcing HMS WARRIOR's Tot Fund narrowboat when Jack Nisbet was appointed back to sea in 1975. I now commute to my 1986 Colecraft boat JUNIPER (ex LANAC, the first owner's choice, a name I simply couldn't live with having been the target of much derision when passing canalside pub gardens), moored at Upware Marina in the fens as my weekday accommodation close to Cambridge where I now work.

VIKING (to become, after my time, VIKING WARRIOR) had a Lister SR3 motor, absolutely ideal. On delivery she was painted green/maroon - much regret I don't have any colour photographs of her, though on her arrival at Batchworth the CinC's staff photographer was despatched down the hill from Northwood to take some action pix of coming alongside in her home port. These are b&w - I'll try to get them scanned and forwarded on.

Tickles me, thinking back, how we used without any hint of embarassment to keep to the naval way of doing things. Fenders were brought inboard on leaving the wall - woe betide any helmsman caught proceeding down the cut with fenders out: the penalty being to buy the first round at the first 'up spirits' stop - 8 pints, probably cost something like GBP2:40 in total then.

I'll keep a lookout for you aboard ZULU WARRIOR, Mike - good luck! And if anyone knows the whereabouts of VIKING WARRIOR, that would be terrific.


Ian (maxs son)

picture on dads worcester vista when they visited during carinval week

Mike Beveridge

Hi Andrew from Globetrotter and now Zulu Warrior too :-)

I am the "chap" who owns Zulu Warrior and am delighted to find someone who knows about her past... I do indeed have some of the original documents - handover paperwork and cruising logs for both Zulu and Viking - dated mid 1980s.

Zulu was in a bit of a state when I bought her so has been out of the water for two months while the welders did their bit and now she is well and truly ship shape - indeed we will be relaunching her on Wednesday next week from Winkwell near Hemel on the GU.

Currently I have patched the paintwork above the waterline to match the Buckingham Green which she has worn for the last ten years or so - but if anyone can point me to her Royal Navy colour scheme I will be delighted to restore this - and soon - I could well be painting this weekend! I wonder if anyone has any photos? That would be a real bonus!

So if anyone has more info on Zulu - or wants to pay her a visit at Hemel - then drop me a line asap at Id love to hear from you!

Sven Latham

Funnily enough, my dad (former RN chef) enjoyed at least a couple of outings on one of the NB Warriors (he can't recall which), so I immediately called him upon spotting this and read the correspondence.

Apparantly at the start of the 80s one of the NBs suffered an unfortunate incident which involved an explosion on-board and its sinking. Sounds like they managed to restore it though!

If there's any more information available about these boats I'll pass it on, and similarly if my father has any more details that might be useful I'll post it through as well.

Gary Peacock

"There was also a fleet of RN recruiting narrowboats afloat on the network in the seventies. Battleship grey, and with superstructure fittings designed to replicate the silhouette of contemporary warships (one was apparently painted black and intended to impersonate a submarine."

You can take a look at the "Narrowboat Fleet" on the link below from Colin Stones website.

The boats were built by J.L.Pinder and Son who are still building boats today.

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