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Saturday, 14 June 2008


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This photograph dates back to early 2007. We had joined the SPCC trip to Excel in early January (if you have not done it then it is highly recommended) and then the protest cruise past the Houses of P. We knew before we started this that we would not be able to get back to our moorings for a while due to winter maintenance works so we booked into Limehouse for a few months. It was great - I had meetings in Bow regularly and could get there by dlr to Limehouse and then boat!! A particular (though cruel) pleasure was getting out from my meetings early evening on days that the Blackwall Tunnel Approach Road had problems, opening a can of beer in full sight of the poor people inching their way down from Hackney and then heading back to Limehouse on the canal. I always gave them a wave as I set off.

PS The problems that Border Boats were having meant that we did not quite get what we wanted but we are still very pleased with the result. At times we may sound a bit grrrrh but that is because it was a bit fraught and very much hard work at the time. Spending time on the boat soon gets over that feeling.

nb Indigo Dream

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