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Monday, 26 May 2008


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Mike Moorse

Here are my answers to twenty questions

1. Macclesfield Canal
2. If it is a canal and has locks I love it
3. The wife obviously
4. Something by James Patterson, I can't quite remember the name
5. Dawn or dusk in summer
6. All those boaters who do not pay mooring fees and moor all winter round the corner from me for nothing whilst I pay my dues!!
7. Now but a few years younger
8. 1977 - they told me breakfast was served so I jumped for the bank with rope, mallet and mooring pin, ... and missed!!
9. A pilot in the RAF
10. I'd be insane
11. Different
12. A glass of sherry, a fine red wine with my dinner and good fishing.
13. Investment to protect something that is wonderful and could be even better
14. Who are you?
15. A combination of both
16. Once again, a combination of both.
17. Canals, if I wanted to cruise rivers all the time I would have a gin palace, (by the way I do have an optic mounted in the boat serving gin!)
18. Hopefully still cruising and living aboard.
19. Retiring at 49 and living aboard,having two lovely children and three even more lovely grandchildren.
20. Finding the satelite for sky television when England are winning - almost impossible


Here's my contribution:

Great idea!

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