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Saturday, 31 May 2008


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Ive only just managed to find my comment on this and indeed it was very much a light hearted comment, Maybe I shouldve added that once he was ejected by the wire we could've had a go. looks like fun :)

Alison Smith

I felt my blood boil looking at the pictures! We often hear them in Warwick and Leamington. It is certainly inconsiderate and I always feel edgy if we're moored up after our smashed window incident last year...

Tony Blews

Well, actually I am a taxi driver...

And an occasional motorcyclist. But even as a youth I would never have dreamt of riding on a towpath. Mainly as (a) its rude and inconsiderate, (b) I can't swim, and (c) I can imagine it would be right pain in the backside to haul a bike out of a canal.

Nice to see he had a helmet on, though.

Andrew Denny

Halfie: I got my camera out. For kids, that's a form of remonstration, isn't it!

I don't suppose Saltysplash or Tony were being too serious. Their comments were a mild form of the taxi drivers'
"String 'em up, it's the only language they understand".
Only in this case the 'stringing' was to go across the towpath.


Had you remonstrated with him/them, Andrew? Or were they annoyed with you for photographing them? Either way, they knew they were doing wrong. Or perhaps they didn't - are there prohibition notices? - and thought they had a right to zoom up and down the towpath away from road traffic.

Saltysplash and Tony - a little extreme, don't you think? How would the (legitimate) pedal cyclist avoid your nasty trap?

Tony Blews

Nah, chickenwire is a mesh. Pianowire is, I think, what you mean.


Oh for the chicken wire deployed by steve Mcqueen in the Great Escape to curtail their enjoyment

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