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Thursday, 10 April 2008


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Sorry that her blog has gone, I had fun disagreeing with some of her comments.


Can I have my comment back then please Carrie?
I know it's a bit late in the day - just got back from the boat - but I liked Carrie's blog, and I liked and admired Carrie and the way she used to post on CWF. And I left a comment on that post to say so. It's a free cybercountry, and people can blog or not blog as and when they wish without owing anyone any explanations ... but it doesn't do to be too sensitive. After all, the waterways cybercommunity, while it can get a bit needly sometimes, displays nothing like the vitriol to be seen on some other sorts of blogs and forums.

iain smith

sorry my live book mark was playing up and i totally mis spelt the name

iain smith

Hi i am sorry that she has removed her blog i enjoyed reading it and she talked a lot of sense i notice that smugging has also removed their blog to i do hope they have not been on the receiving end of of the more hot headed anti ecology people, there should be room for all opinions on the net.

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