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Saturday, 09 February 2008


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I was trying (and failing) to make a witty allusion to "Canoe Man" recently famously "back from the dead". I must admit I'd misread the original post - somehow I saw "canoepologist" and made the wrong connections. (Canoepologist: one who escapes from, or by, canoe) (yes, I made that up)

Andrew Denny

Halfie, 'playing dead' when a fifteen ton canal boat is bearing down on you is pretty much equivalent to being dead!

Dave Nicoll

Now you have discovered Canoe Polo how about CORACLE POLO. Any number in the team, play towards a center goal or one at either end, ball must be passed not carried in the coracle and thrown not hit with the paddle, bumping and spinning the opposition is encouraged but we try to be gentle to first timers.Capsizing is common.see


"Or canoepoloists might need to learn to scatter like moorhens and mallards."

Or just play dead, perhaps?

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