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Sunday, 25 November 2007


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Lorna Halewood

Thought u may like a bit of info re Mike pre boat .... Mike was my neighbour for a number of years and we still kept in touch when we moved / he bought the boat. Mike idolised Tyler and Diesel and I tried to find out after his death through various sources RSPCA etc what had happened to them but drew a blank. Mike was an amusing and kind guy though we did have a few run ins on occasion ... mainly over his Pink Floyd album and the amount of times he played it on full volume! All who knew him from his boat should know that he fought to keep his brothers boat and memory alive but it was not to be. He always wanted to be free to roam the waterways and got his wish when he purchased his boat, named after his brothers boat, and was extremely happy 2 weeks before he passed away ... so whoever u are that own both boats now be happy cos thats what he would have wanted!

Emma Clay

My husband and I have just purchased Phoenixx.
To be honest I feel shocked that someone died on the boat we fell in love with, but both of us feel that we still love the boat and now we will give it even more respect.
We are going to live on it and make it into our own home.
Condolences to his family and friends and did anyone find the dogs?


Dear Mr Denny,

I have come across this blog trying to find Mike Watson, I am very sad to learn of his death it is so unexpected.

I was trying to contact Mike concerning a website he registered, is there any contact details you could let me have for his estate? Mike used to work for us both employed and freelance up until 2004.

Many thanks

Hallo there

Sorry to hear about Mike Watson. I knew him for a short time and was looking for the phoenixx website when I came across the news on this website.

If anyone has a contact telephone number for the sister in law or any living relative please can i have it so I can just pass my condolenses. Or any other means of contacting her. I met the sister in law once and the late brother.

Mick Cheshire

Hi folks, sorry to here about Mick on PHOENIXX. I bought Phoenix(one x) when his brother past away. It has now been stretched to 55 feet had its bottom overplated, and an internal refit plus the usual repaint. We now live on the beautiful Chesterfield canal. Hope to see you all round the system next year. Happy Christmas to you all. MICK.


So difficult to hear sad news over the phone, or sad news full stop. Makes us realise you have got to make the most of time AND enjoy it!. loved the recent picture, thankyou!


have to say i stumbled upon his late brothers site as it inspired me to think about buying a sailaway(6 months away i hope),his site was good to althought the updates got less and less,i also considerd a monkey bike to,seems a clever guy but cursed, his brother died ie phoenix 1,and on his blog his other brother died to,quite young to............sad new hope someone has a back up of both sites

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