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Wednesday, 07 November 2007


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What is the problem with canal moorings? If we are so over crowded should we not be taking advantage of the fact that homes can be made on the water? And whats this nonsense about noise polution? I moved to my current marina from a flat on an estate with about 200+ homes. I was attracted to this marina because of its peace and tranquilty, especially at night time. The noise that used to resonate from the estate where I once lived drove me to dispair. The noise was of arguing, music, tv's, cars, children etc. The engine in my canal boat is very quiet and only switched on when I'm moving (for obvious reasons!). Why are people hanging on to this out of date prejudice view of barge dwellers? Why instead can we not embrace this unique community and celebrate its history and more importanly look to how it can benefit the future?
It saddens me that there is so much water in London and the rest of the UK yet it is so difficult to find a mooring (and expensive too). And often you can get treated like some half rate citizen who can be moved on because some new development doesn't like what you look like.

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