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Sunday, 14 October 2007


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Nic Chilton

Trefor, the cows break into song as part of the musical "Cowrus Line"

Johnny Essex

or 3) What happened next?....


Granny Button's next competition.

1. Caption Competition.


2. Name The Breeds

Nic Chilton

Going through a lock a couple of years ago a few cows came to the edge of the adjacent bridge (connecting fields) to watch us descend - got a photo somewhere..


That first photo is wonderful! My son looked at it and said "Ooh, it's like "Night of the Living Cows!" :-)

(I'm sorry to read that this blog will be going away in several weeks - I discovered it recently while searching for information about narrowboats, and have really enjoyed reading it)

Johnny Essex

Andrew, I've hovered my mouse over the field, but the cows won't walk or trot.
Oh no, seems like my modem is playing up again?.......

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