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Thursday, 23 August 2007


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Tim Savage

Just had a quick look at Stanley through the google search.I think I was right first time "NUTTER" God bless the great British eccentric/nutter.

Tim Savage

Yes,perhaps nutter was the wrong word,eccentric was the one I was looking for.will do the google bit when I have time.Good luck with the shoe boxes,they sound like a real treasure trove.

Andrew Denny

Wait, if you google for "eight passion proteins" you should find quite a bit about him. He was Stanley Green, and he died in 1993.

Andrew Denny

Tim, the 'nutter' was a harmless eccentric who became such a familiar figure that they had a half-page about him in the Evening Standard when he died about 1990.

I've got so many shoe boxes with so much junk in them, so I don't know how quickly I can find the booklet. But I'm sure it's a collector's item now. Along with the very first Starbucks menus I've got from 1986, ("second branch opening soon!"), and the unworn MSN 'beta tester' sweatshirt from 1995.

Tim Savage

Just got to ask,what was the nutter in the photo on about?I assume he couldn't get any sex so therfore no one else should or is he just barking mad?.Any chance of including the "booklet" or some of it just to see what thats about !!!

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