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Tuesday, 17 July 2007


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Rog Parsons

When they cut all the tow-path hedge down facing the Trinity Marina the view across the Ashby Canal will be vile and put people off their food and drink. Blame British Waterways (W.Midlands) and Hinckley' Council for not protecting habitat and natural screening.
Sorry, but it was a nice farm field before the 'tungsten park' mob arrived over there.


Well I guess it's not BF policy (too hard to control centrally and I imagine the local manger has all the freedom and initiative of a draught ox).
I did call in once for a couple of pints (can't remember what but quite acceptable). The local boaters maintain(ed) a 'stammtisch' furthest from the doors (and nearest the loos!)

Andrew Denny

Yes, Martin, the moorings are Trinity's. But if you've paid, what's the incentive to pay still more to eat in the pub? I think it's rubbish marketing not to offset it against the price of a meal. As far as the passing boater is concerned, the main reason for stopping at those moorings is to go to the pub.


Hang on a mo' - surely the mooring fee goes to Trinity not BF?

Andrew Denny

Aha, my turn to misunderstand Sarah :-)


Heavens Andrew, I wasn't accusing you of eating there! That would have been an insult. No, I was referring to the very possibility of spending that much on their abysmal 'fayre' - though I can see how it might have looked otherwise.


We do get a bit blasé about that, and expect interesting photos from Andrew as a matter of course.......

Andrew Denny

I think you misunderstood me. I'm saying that even *were you* to have dinner there and spend £50, you will still will be charged for mooring there overnight. In other words, there's no incentive to be a customer of the pub.

No, I didn't go in. I'm alone most of the time, and when I'm alone I don't like to eat alone in public. It gets me even more sad and depressed than I normally am. My only trip inside the pub was a couple of weeks previously, when I asked the manager if one was charged the mooring fee even if one was dining, and he said yes, no matter how much you spent.



Good picture dude!


How can you spend fifty quid in a Brewers Fayre? Were there ten of you? Or were you just very, very ill afterwards? My mooring in Huddersfield was right by one of these ... ahem ... outlets and it was always packed, proving indeed that no one ever went bust underestimating the taste (or indeed the tastebuds) of the British public.

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