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Friday, 06 April 2007


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Went through that stretch on Saturday (and Monday) all was well. Actually you could see that the lock paddle locks had been replaced with new, so obviously no key was used. Chesterfield canal very pretty and much enjoyed all those doubles and trebles. But I do wonder if BW should start replacing their locks (key type) with another pattern, and make the new key (as against quay) available to bona-fide users only.

Andrew Denny

OH NOOOO! I should have guessed I'd slip on the banana skin of gills.

A gill is a quarter-pint (5 flozzes). I learned that when I was just a halfpint myself. I slipped by absent-mindedly confusing flozzes-to-the UK pint (20) with flozzes to the US pint (16), and recalling that the UK pint was an early (abortive) flirtation with decimalisation, etc. And then thinking (without thinking) that there were 200 flozzes to the gall. etc.


Definitive: There are 32 gills to the gallon.
Also definitive: It's a handy wineglassful, a shade bigger than the stingy 125ml of the typical pub.

Roger Hutchinson

I find it weird that when I'm taking about the two working boats I'm involved with I always revert (after 30 years!) to imperial measurements, ie, 6ft 2 and a half inch long carpet in the boatman's cabin in the motor etc....


"I bet the reporter of this story doesn't even know what a gallon is, nor how many quarts (4), gills (40) or fluid ounces (200, or 160 in the US) it contains."
Are you sure about those gills? I thought it was 32 gills to the gallon here in the UK. :-)

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