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Tuesday, 10 April 2007


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Last summer we experienced a charity bike ride along the towpath of the K&A. It was very dangerous without hills so Tardebigge would be a nightmare. It was our experience that few riders in the K&A event had bells fitted and several almost went into the canal when they tried to pass pedestrians and the walker moved to the wrong side to get out of the way. see for Brenda's comments on 28th May 2006.

Tim Savage

What a grand idea. Why didn't someone at BW think of it. This might be a victory of common sense over h&s killjoy regs. Mind you most things are better if there's risk of injury etc, makes it much more interesting!!!

George Platts


I sent you an e-mail with two photos attached to

Was that the correct e-mail address ?

Did you receive the attached photos of Mitakuye Oyasin at Oxford and near Abingdon over easter weekend ?

Best wishes from George.

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