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Thursday, 23 November 2006


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dave and julie

hi granny buttons david and i would just like to say a very big heartfelt thanks to all the fantastic people who have given their time and energy to help us get em. back on the water. we never in our wildest dreams thought she would ever sail again.sept.22nd will be a date we will never forget.we sat down on the friday night and cried for an age then we said right!to work.we thought it would take a fortnight for us to clear the debris from em.then we would see what the damage was and assess from there our next step, what we didnt reckon on was howard,carol,sandra,vyn and john, em. was cleared out in a weekend and they never stopped until the job was finished along with other helpers who came for a couple of hours when they could. Now dave and the crew have joined in life is looking better and without everyones help we would have had to say goodbye to the canal and our life afloat.people have said "well you should have had insurance", we did but it was only third party and we never dreamed we would need anymore than that,now i would say to anybody like us to go without something else in order to afford fully comprehensive and make yourselves afford it.thank you for taking the time to write about us and thank you to anyone who is reading this who has given either their time or donations to help get em. back on the water. we wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year and hope 2007 is all you wish for.take care,and be happy.

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