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Saturday, 16 September 2006


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Phil Snow

Hi, in regards to David Raybone, I'm currently living in rented accomendation from Raybone Developments. I would just like say the person who posted that statement is very wrong. I hope the statement does not put people off from renting or buying from Raybone Developments in future.

I currently rent a luxury apartment on Bristol Road south Birmingham and it is just that luxury. The property is amazing in every way. I personally could not find any faults at all.

Also from many telephone conversations with Mr Raybone, I've found him very helpful and professional. I personally would recommend Raybone Developments to anyone.

Andrew Denny

Ouch, some fellow who gave his name as 'tenant' posted a very specific accusation here about Dave Raybone.

It could be construed as defamatory, and I've edited it, sorry. It wasn't that I wanted to censor you, Tenant, but you did it anonymously. If I left it unaltered, I might be liable for defamation.

Can I emphasise that if you want to make such an accusation, do it openly, with a real name and a real email address.

Otherwise you are simply offloading responsibility onto me, and that isn't fair.


dave raybone -- - -----, I rented out one of his flats, left it in perfect condition, and he ----- ------ the -------.

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