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Friday, 01 September 2006


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Tom Male

Hi Andrew
I noticed the feed from Granny Buttons has stopped working for me..... I don't know whether this is related or not? Either way, I have reverted to the old method of looking at each blog manually!

Neil & Corinne

Hello again Andrew!

If its your feedreader subscription playing up, you are welcome to try the feeds on our blogroll (See url below). Look in the 'UK boats' folder for all the usuals.

Kind Regards,

Neil and Corinne

Paul Balmer

I hope you haven't missed our latest news about finally signing the contract for our boat with your broken RSS feeds.

I added a feed months ago and I'm still waiting patiently for you to comment. Perhaps you've missed all our news.

I know it doesn't contain the whole article as you like but that's deliberate. The mainstream browsers at two of the companies I work for dislike longer articles and refuse to show anything from the feed if they see a long entry. I can't read yours from their sites either, although I can read No Problem when Sue posts short entries.

Until I understand why they don't show and how to work around the problem I'm sticking to short feeds with a link.

And thanks for your advice to my son, Andrew, a month or so ago about purchasing a camera. He said it was very helpful.



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