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Thursday, 20 July 2006


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Hi Andrew Been passed your boat a few times but never managed to see you their, seen others on board, anyway can you pass the word around for me that "Charles the First" 40 ft trad four years old engine 2 years old is looking to swop for a 58-62ft liveaboard. I can be contacted on 07521-287-766 many thanks if you here of anyone interested in down grading perhaps a couple of pensioners or credit crunch etc The boat is in need of a couple of jobs porthole trims and a good paint job which I'm considering anyway any intested parties can contact thanks alot Wendy

Andrew Denny

Thurs, 8pm: The page number has been changed to '17'. I'm flattered that people at Waterways World are reading Granny B instead of setting up their own website!

Heaven forfend that any spoilsports with a copy of the magazine should regularly check NarrowBoat and post the latest page number and shibboleth in a comment here.

Sarah Hale

I've just phoned home, and apparently the magic word is 'magazine' - haven't tried it on the website myself yet though.

Sarah Hale

Can't see that shibboleth being very effective in these internet days - I've got the mag at home and can let you know the last word on page 41 when I get back tonight, and you can tell the world! BTW I don't agree that those are two mutually exclusive categories - will try to expand next week on nbWarrior on how it may be possible to be both up your own arse and have an open mind ...

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