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Monday, 24 July 2006


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Andrew Denny

Phew, there's more being written on blogs about NarrowBoat magazine now than about any other waterways magazine :-)


Not necessararily. Yes if the internet was small and controllable but how is one supposed to check if someone is using your stuff. It really is an impossible task.

The old MPRS used to work on trust but the internet never will.

Richard Fairhurst

Actually, my (limited) understanding of copyright law is that using the logo and the pic like that is considered "fair use". So even if I were of a frame of mind to get ratty about it - which I wouldn't be! - then you'd be quite within your rights to tell me to get lost.

Maffi - interesting post on your blog. I wouldn't say (and have never said) that "people should pay for stuff off the Internet" as a universal rule for everything. (I spend the other half of my spare time running our town website, which is entirely free-to-view and unpaid!)

But whether on the Internet or not, I think an author has the right to say whether their work should be available for free, and that others should respect that right. Don't you?


Yes you should remove the pics Andy and the links as well after all it's free advertising and people should pay for stuff off the Internet, isn't that right Richard?

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