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Tuesday, 13 June 2006


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Andrew, cheers for the link. I managed to lose all the original maps from when we planned the holiday, and hadn't discovered Canalplan - realised when you posted it that we were indeed going downhill most of the way. It was only the latter part of the holiday that everything went back up towards Llangollen.

I'll post an update this evening with links to yourself and Canalplan.

D'log - sorry about that. The directory is filling up with spam faster than I care to think about. I should have a solution to that within a couple of weeks, and you should then be added.


Just added by blog to Blogwise... got this message...

"There are currently 49658 blog(s) in the queue. Your blog is expected to be added within 168 day(s)."

He needs a few summer interns, to sort out the backlog, I think.

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