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Tuesday, 18 April 2006


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hi just a little note the crown in new springs is now re-open and with a great landlord its been open since 11th june and is doing very nicely so come along and try the real ales what are on offer and good prices karaoke on friday and saturday xx


bring back the crown

a local resident

Hooray we got the kirk back again and what a great place it is now with a good landlord and good food again and of course karaoke every saturday night and you know what they say the truth comes out in the end and it did and hey what do you know the locals of top lock were right lol but anyway all water under the bridge now if you want a good meal and a good sing song on a saturday night with a great atmosphere then the kirk is the place to be mind wipe your shoes on the way in cos its a bit posh in there now lol





Malc and Michelle took the Kirkless Hall down to a low that has never been witnessed in the pub industry.

I will be honest and tell no lies in my post, so as not to offend anyone or either give to police "evidence" against me.

The pub has been open in over 150 years and hardly EVER over that time has it been broken into.

Malc and Shell (more michelle than Malc to be honest) ruined the whole pub, first casualty was food, the second and most important was the beer. They could'nt give a toss about their staff or customers and continued to gamble away EVERY PENNY of profit after every day of business.

Look for yourselfs how good this pub was under the old owners and don't get me wrong they had their faults aswell as nobody is perfect but at least they knew what 1+1 is!

To John Taylor, I personnaly would say that Malcolm on his own with the help of his family probably including you, his father and his mother would have made a good business of the Kirkless, but please do not kid myself or yourself in not beleiving me when I say Michelle was like a ball and chain to Malc and probably still is.

He used to be suited and booted but then met her............(make your own mind up on the rest!)

Basic FACTS are they made the Kirkless Hall a bloody laughing stock and it's such a shame.

So please, before you go spouting off to police about 'lies' or 'slander' the people of Albion Drive and indeed Top Lock only speak the truth.

And to be honest, by the way they have been treated by these two pillocks revenge on the internet is minimal.

Take me and this post to court....the judge will laugh in your face! They are FACTS my friend, facts.


Some one advised me to go onto this site,my name is John,Malcolm's uncle.
I must say this to the local Resident,youre brain size must be that of a pea.How can you go onto a Website and bragg off that you got shut of them.They had at least seven break inns and you have the cheek to go onto this site and bragg off about it.
You state in your sentance that we got shut of them idicating there were more than one of you involved
Just so you are aware local resident i have printed this page off and have already spoken to the web developer.I am handing all this information over to the Police,i am so glad that i was tipped off about this website,it just goes to show you local resident or should i say local scum there is nowhere for you to hide not even on the internet

John Taylor


this goes out to the daft sods of albion drive,90per cent of you dont work and just drink all day,one person slags people off not forgetting to tell people she was declared bankrupt,yes thats correct bankrupt,to much spending go spead that one about, i no malc and shell and they just want you to no good ridence to you all,they have both got their normal jobs back and are very happy together,oh and by the way no one got rid of them you idiot,and you think it paid off malc and shell have told me there are going to be a number of arrests made on albion drive.

local resident

talking about the kirk and what so called dave wrote well you can eat your words now due to malc and michelle the pub is now the pub with no gas no electric and no beer plus no malc and michelle which is the best thing. we did are best and it paid off we got shut of the idiots. the pub is now all boarded up and is for let lets hope we get the pub back to its normal self with a new lease of life. the pub is going to be gutted and re furbished


Hi Andrew and anyone else who reads this blog,

I'm trying to do some research on the history of the Kirkless Hall Inn. I find it a fasinating building and would like the help of Andrew and the readers of this, to build some sort of timeline of owners and special events that may have occurred over the centuries.

Anyone with any information please email me at [email protected].

Thank you Andrew for allowing me to post my request.

As for the current entries, I never knew the Jollies, but they do look like a laughly couple. I do know Malc and Michelle and they too are a fantastic couple and run a very friendly, welcoming place. As for the food, I ain't had the pleasure, but I'm sure from what I've heard and seen they are NOT getting any complaints from their customers and the seasonal bookings for summer walkers and Xmas revellers tells a story of a very happy people.

For anyone reading this and thinking its a close friend of the current owners, you would be wrong. I know them on a professional basis, but I do like them too. lol

Keep up the good work guys.



This goes out to the daft sod who slagged the new tennats off at the kirkless hall,i still go there every day for my meals and recently my good friend malcolm as been cooking,and can i just say the meals taste even better,and is partner michelle always as a smile and time for me.i have done constuctual work on the pub that the jolly's left in a right mess,can i just say they are not tennants they are lease owners.marstons cant just get them out,so for the sad sod who as stated all the untrue's get your facts right,i was going in the pub well before the new lease owners and may i say the jolly's are the most rude people i have ever come across,also i have won the bonus ball with the jollys and its took them at least two weeks to pay up,not with the new owners you get it on the night its won or the day after,good ridence to the jolly's and thank god there's new life in the kirk,its ashame you cant name yourself,i have spoken to malcolm and michelle and they both have a good idea who you are,

a local resident

what a good pub this used to be when the jollys had it what a shame they still havent as its gone completly down hill and is by far the worse pub in wigan as of today the new tennant couldnt organise a p--- up in a brewery as proved they are always running out of ale as they cant afford to buy it even to the point of someone winning the bonus ball and not being able to claim his prize money because the daft so called hosts had used the winnings to buy a barrell of beer and as for the food well still good quality thanks to robert the chef but thats if you can get whats on the menu as apparently the shops dont sell half of it now what a load of bull when will marstons brewery wake up and realise that one of there pubs with great pottential is being run into the ground litterally and get them idiots out of it... i do hope its soon for all our sakes...


The Kirkless Hall pub is one of my favourites, and I consider it my local. They generally have a couple of interesting beers, and the food is good and plentiful. The Jollys are a great couple and have always made us feel welcome, - even when covered in mud (as long as we sit outside). They do run a good pub.

Just one thing though, to get a certificate you do need a boat. I've cycled up a few times and even walked it a couple of times, but she still won't let me have a certificate!

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