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Friday, 03 February 2006


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If you want to take reasonably good panoramas, most Olympus digital cameras sport a panorama mode which helps the photographer by showing an overlap area for the next shot in the viewfinder. You just look for a recognisable object in this area and make sure it's in the overlap are in the other side of the next shot after moving the camera round. With a tripod it's quite easy to get good 360 degree shots if you want. The PC software provided will usually do quite a good job of stitching the sections together as they're labelled differently to normal shots. Note though, that you have to use an olympus memory card in the camera to use this mode.

Andrew Denny

I've fixed it now. The panorama doesn't come up as big as I'd saved it, though.


Hello Andrew, not sure why, but when one clicks on the stockton photos you took,they just come up blank.

Toodle pip.

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