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Monday, 27 February 2006


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Andrew Denny

Halfie, thanks for spotting that. Oops. I've deleted the spam.


But it looks like spam, Andrew. Hovering over the contributor's "name" shows it's a website selling stuff. And the "comment" is merely a cut-and-paste of most of the first comment your post attracted.


PS The webcam was Gary's idea, at Ledgard Bridge. I think my boat is the second to be built on line.



Hello Andrew

Living as I do in Saudi Arabia it is difficult not to get into the 'Arab way'. What little Arabic I know is peppered throughout my spoken language, (it helps to 'grease the wheels').

When I first arrived here 'Maffi Mushkila' seemed like a good name for a boat after all there are six other boats on the canals named 'No Problem'(my first choice) I couldn't call it that . It has become my Screen name and just about everyone I know on the canal system calls me Maffi. However the longer I stay the more I do not want such a prominent reminder of my time here. Between you and me I think it might be 'John Denver' a very unsung humanitarian of modern times.

I, like you, hope that eventually the Arabian Peninsular will change for the better and keep those parts of its culture that endear it to so many of us through the many stories that we heard as children.

In listing Granny Buttons and others on my Blog I was attempting to have it appear not unlike like many of the longer existing blogs such as yours most of which very professional. It is I who am honoured that you have added me to you blog.

"A wadi will never match an English canal though!" Agreed!

Thanks for the mention.



Andrew Denny

Since Maffi mentions Arabic words and has Arabic references throughout his site, it seems he's quite attuned to Arabic culture. If he hated it so much, I would assume he would avoid even the thought of giving his boat an arabic

I myself was born in Yemen and spent my early years there. In fact I had quite a bit of arabic as a toddler, but I've forgotten almost every word.

I live in hope that the Arabs will slough off superstition and savagery without losing their culture, just as Brits no longer burn heretics, publicly hang footpads or imprison debtors but still have a great fondness for the times of William Shakespeare, James Brindley and Charles Dickens.

A wadi will never match an English canal though!

David Bridle

Hi Andrew

Maffi is a prolific and articulate contributor to the Canalworld forum. You should read some of his stuff. Far from having spiritual roots in Arabia he is consistently and vociferously critical of the various political regimes and peoples. It would appear his purpose in being there is mercenary - he is close to retirement from the Middle East and a return to his true spiritual home the British canal system!

Thanks for GB's daily column


David B

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