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Tuesday, 27 September 2005


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Billy Duff

The Ellesmere trip was scheduled at 14 days from advice taken from the Canal Planner website, which was very helpful. All volunteers on that trip had a suggested schedule of stops, but sorry Andy yuo were not the quickest, John Beresford took that title. By the way, Ellesmere is in Shropshire and Ellesmere Port in Cheshire. Neither are in Wales. Regards Billy Duff

bill cairns

If anyone out there is interested in owning a canaltime timeshare I would be happy to move mine on for best offer under £750 with 2 weeks in the bank.

andrew pryor

Seeing your blog, bought back some memories. I used to work for canal time in their early days, voluntarily, although Jamie - one of the founders and in cahoots with BW - is a friend of mine.

06 Water Baby, bought back fond memories. A new site had been assigned in Ellsmere, in south wales. not to be confused with ellsmere port in

Water Baby was lying in Milton Keynes as were many boats to be delivered to Ellsmere. it was my job with Water Baby, Nathan, and Scoobie-doo, we accomplished this feat in 11 days, a record? Yet to see this bettered.

Canaltime, after my first trip, assigned 14 days for the trip to anyone else. Bet they were all late!


john sadler

hi there all i work for canaltime and have been for about 6 years now i see there was one up for sale for 60 grand 45ft belive me you can by them cheaper direct of us i will be happy to hand out contact numbers to who is ever interested or any other Q please email

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