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Monday, 08 August 2005


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is that true or are just all wet

Laura Holmes

Hey It's Laura Holmes from Alabama U.S. Just writing to get in touch with a man thats hard to find!



I thought you may be interested in our new product LapLooks. It is creating significant buzz as an Advertisement medium. It is a mini-billboard for Corporate Laptops. Additionally, Consumers love our product. Unlike, some popular stickers, a user buys the frame and can change photos in seconds and as many times as a user wants. Here are some the key points of this product;

World’s first mini-billboard for laptops.
The key advantage of this product is CUSTOMIZATION – simply adhere it to the laptop and you can insert any image you want like a photo frame, and change the message in seconds. Stores multiples photos at a time.
Outstanding tool for your sales force, marketing, human resources and client services. Brands your logo, product during important meetings at the point-of-sale. When your sales force is at face-to-face meetings with your clients.
LapLooks catches everyone’s eyes in seconds. Laptops are used everywhere, meetings, presentations, Starbucks, hotels, airports, friends homes, etc. Branding that stands out everywhere, all day, every day!
Can create a huge word-of-mouth marketing campaign by giving to your customers; they too have laptops and will want to use LapLooks to show off their personality while promoting your brand.
Enabling tool that links Print, Media and Web advertisement to a Client’s audience in an engaging and fun way.
Available in several popular colors

Lastly, below are sample images. For contractual reasons we can’t send our Client’s logos over the internet, but we would be glad to discuss our growing list of Corporate users.

Check us out in Yahoo, Google, Ebay and of course our website

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Phone: 877 LAPLOOKs

Tell Someone…

World’s First Mini-Billboard for Laptops

Pat Bycroft

ah! well, I kinda hope she doesn't get pimped quite like your lap top, tee-hee. But she's looking good for Sept we hope.

Andrew Denny

Never mind my pimped NB, Pat, I'm waiting to see *yours* :-) Is it finished yet?

Pat Bycroft

Nice lap top pimp,when is the narrowboat pimp ?? :-)

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