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Wednesday, 28 July 2004


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Hadar not "Hardan"! I'm useless with a keyboard unless it has black and white keys! I see they have a link on your site already.


Have you spotted my blog yet?

It's SONFLOWERSLOG on Blogspot. There are loads about. I had a mail from Hardan a brand new working boat with its own blog. It seems like more and more of us are getting started now.

Andrew Denny

There we go, a great free offer for boaters wondering when to blog! I reckon Sneckifter ( is the best of us all, and they only need to shift the format to a true weblog system. Tim suggests Wordpress (with his help). I'm happy with Typepad. I suspect beginners might prefer


In my parents defence (Nutwood is their boat) the whole Interweb-thingy is something of a steep learning curve, not helped by a dodgy O2 GPRS service and the fact that their tech support (i.e. me!) is on dry land...

Hopefully once they've got to grips with email etc the blog will get updated regularly - I know they keep a 'ship's log', so hopefully the blogging discipline should be easy yo come by. I'm always suprised that more boats don't blog - it's the perfect way of keeping land-dwellers up to speed with where you are and what you're doing.

Wordpress is an excellent package if you're ready to move on from a hosted service - and not too difficult to set up. Although I'll happily help out for nothing if there are any boaters needing a hand!

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