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Friday, 12 June 2009


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Geoff McKergow

It's been many years since I was in that part of Britain and I am sad to read of the mixed fortunes of the pub - although I understand that the story is being repeatd all over the country - certainly those parts where the yuppies and the clever young chaps from the merchant banks gather.

I first visited the Admiral Nelson in 1976, and subsequently sought it out in the mid-eighties. At that time it seemed a typical English country pub with the added attractions of the canal lock and the remnants of the old GCR nearby. A nice change for a visitor from the Wide Brown Land.

I'm glad to learn that there is some revival going on, although it doesn't sound as if there is much cause for excitement.

Must make it an objective to get to Little Braunston again if I ever return to the UK.

Gary Stevens

Had a 'Good Sun Roast there 4 yrs ago. We went back again today 24 June 12. I asked if same chef was still here, daughter of couple running it said not likely as it had changed ownership about 20 times since then!
Anyway, I ordered the Roasts - They were fine, generous meat portions but as is often the case, stingey with the Roast Pots as every roast lunch at every pub I have ever had has been - Never understand it as the pots are the cheapest part of the meal!
Also the Cauli Cheese was pleasant but way too crunchy, cauliflowere barely cooked. Decent gravy though. Alll in all 7/10.


used to work in this pub so it is sad to hear that it closed down with Dianne and endaff they're lovely people and they gave me my first job... i hope they do well for themselves with whatever they're doing now...

Keiran Hallam

Loved the interpretation of the sign!!!


Visited the Nelson on Saturday at around lunchtime. It was to windy to venture using the NB so we went in the car. The young staff were friendly, very polite, the service was good, the Black Sheep Ale was fine but the Cheese Burger I was served with grated raw cheese sprinkled over it was lacking in any flavour and was overpriced . . . . .

Andrew Denny

Thanks, Martin!
Would be lovely to have seen a video of the accordion playing.

Baz Juniper

Nice translation! However, informed sources in Spain tell me that bar owners, especially of 'English-themed' establishments, are locking them up and walking away because trade is so bad - I hope the previous proprietors of the Nelson didn't look that far south for alternative employment.

Martin Ward

Forget to mention the two gentlemen playing accordion canal side of the pub. A high point of my evening was their 'Winster gallop'

Martin Ward

I visited the Admiral last at the end of May: I was able to overnight without difficulty in the comparatively long pound above #3. I found the reborn hostelry welcomimg but somewhat spartan; the beer was good, the food ordinary, and the prices high. The lady in charge was something of a martinet, much exercised by welding together a new team of youngsters!
(Didn't notice any proper cider Andrew.)

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