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Thursday, 19 June 2008


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Phil B-L

I spent many happy hours chatting with Irene and doing Puzzles and generally passing the time talking about anything and everything. She was a terrific lady with a true life force despite terrible arthritis. I believe she wore out her first set of replacement hips. I remember installing her solar panels, which we brought up by boat and teaching her the care and maintenance of batteries which she stuck to religiously as she really appreciated the value of those things that so many of us take for Granted. Although I have been away from the area for some time, Irene and Bourton Lock will hold a warm place in my memories and they will be inextricably linked.


My Grandparents lived at Bourton Lock until my Grandad died in 1965. My Dad spent his childhood living at the lock and later went on to work for a farmer who kept livestock on the fields between the village and the lock. We lived in the village itself by this time.

My Dad's brother kept the lock at Cropredy during the 1980's.

I remember Irene taking the lock in the 1970's. It had been empty for some time when she moved in. She was dearly loved by all in the village. Indeed, she would have been admired by many who are trying to live her lifestyle today.

We no longer live in the Banbury area and it was sad to learn of a fire in the lockhouse earlier in the year.

Nick Corble

Have watched this cottage with interest over the years - often fits and starts of activity on it but it never seemed to settle with anyone. I guess you'd have to be pretty determined to make it work, but Irene sounds like a pretty determined sort of person - wonder if I ever met her?

Johnny Essex

Bones: Me like too. If my wife would let me, I'd go halves with you! (only half joking!) I can see it would be just right for you, but please find someone less accident-prone to do the diy...
Johnny Essex


me like. If only I had 85K.

Andrew Denny

Blimey, knowing that would have saved me a lot of work last night.

What a coincidence - he's got a new book out and an article appearing in this month's magazine. And a plug in Granny Buttons too. (But I didn't get a review copy, I promise)


Steve's column in this month's (ie July) edition of Canal Boat is about Irene and this cottage.

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