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Friday, 24 March 2006


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howard Dean

Now why the hell do certain members of the public blame the police, had it have been a stolen boat especially yours would you have critised the police for returning it to you. I think not. If the police are given a job to do most of them do it to the best of their ability. They do the job whether they want to or not. Try spending a day with them and find out.

Capt Edward Teach Esq

Engineering drawings for Narrowboats £117

Andrew Denny

Sorry, Andy, I don't think you've read my post properly. Neither (I suspect) have you taken the trouble to read Bruce Roberts' website, nor reply carefully enough! :-)

Laurence Hogg is a respectable man who is selling plans for original English canal narrowboats. He is nothing to do with sail boats, nor with sailboat plans. Canal narrowboats are nothing like Bruce Roberts' boats.


Hi Just came across yor site wilst looking for boat plans, beware is the same man you publshed the mr hogg who has been rippig off the bruce roberts boat site and selling noting hrogh paypal? regards Andy

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