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Sunday, 29 January 2006


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Alan Rudland

Greetings from an amateur on the computer and an occasional narrowboater. I was just looking for directions to Stockton Top to look at some boats when I came across your site. Will be on the waterways next week and possibly sharing a boat on the Ownerships scheme if I find said marina.Heartily agree with your views on the ribbons of moored boats one has to slow down for. Will give you a cheery wave if I should spot you!

Katy McCall

Dear Andrew,

I have just stumbled on your website while researching a canal inspired present for my mums birthday.
My mum and dad are the owners of Muddy Waters 2, I am looking forward to showing them your site, they will be pleased you like the design of their boat. My dads an architect and my mums an artist, if you think their boats strange you should see their house!
I now own Muddy Waters 1, my parents old boat, a battered old springer.
Best wishes
Katy McCall

Mike Ayland

The webcam on Jebus will be permanently off line on cost. It is very easy to achieve using a Palm handheld with an inbuilt camera but BUT costs 25pence an update from my mobile provider and the first higher resolution picture was 75 pence. The Environment Agency had a webcam on their patrol boat on the Broads so if they can do it anybody can but their budget is a little larger

Andrew Denny

Thanks, Peter. Well, some of my photos are super, but few of them look any good on the blog itself. Typepad, the host for GB, compresses them considerably, and it's a continuing bone of contention for me. If anyone ever wants a full, hi-res version, let me know.

Peter Scott

Super photos. Some thoughts here:

Peter and Elaine

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