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Friday, 21 May 2004


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Rachel Wright

Yasmine you are mad!!!!!!



I'm in the first stages of buying a boat (London/Kent) area but finding the mooring is more difficult than I thought. British Waterways are unable to be of any help and said that the mooring they provide is being changed to a tender (option for people who expressed interest to put in a bid) and the waiting list has been suspended while they sort this out but it's an average of 2-7yrs waiting with over 10,000 people looking into this as well.

Can anyone help with suggestions of things I could do to make things easier on myself (other than staying in my flat ha ha) or does anyone know of anyone in the London/Greater london area who could help.

Any info greatly appreciated.


Kimberley :)

Yasmine Haigh

Ive just noticed this site & infact this may have been my advert! A few points to correct here. The boat was a 1999 & not 1985. It was worth considerably more than £25,000. Secondly, I waited 6 years on a waiting list for this mooring which incidently is only £3,000pa (for central London, this is cheap). The List does not exist anymore. The Marina Office gets at least 20-30 calls a day asking if there is a list. The answer is NO. So if anyone wishes to live on a mooring in Central London, the ONLY way to do this is to buy a boat on a mooring. If someone does not like the price, then they don't have to buy it!! The boat was NOT 'thrown' in for free (that's IF this was my advert which started Central London Mooring £70,000 48 foot) It was a very much loved boat bought almost new!!!! It has since been sold.

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